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What does SEPAL Colombia do?

Even though SEPAL has a variety of training seminars in the areas of evangelism, discipleship, youth work, marriage and family, for churches and Christian groups, it primarily focuses on three areas:

Los enfocamos en tres segmentos:

  1. Missions
    SEPAL works closely with COMIBAM Colombia in helping to catalyze the Colombian missionary movement.

  2. Strategic Planning
    SEPAL trains leaders in the area of Time Management, Planning, Goal Setting and Organizational seminar/workshops.

  3. Leadership Development
    SEPAL is committed to helping pastor and leaders in general to develop their ministry skills and to develop accountable structures to help them develop character

Who is SEPAL Colombia?

SEPAL Colombia is an internationally affiliated missionary organization serving the Colombian Evangelical church. Our principle objective is to assist, motivate and mobilize national leadership in their efforts to become more effective in multiplying the number of churches and believers in Colombia. SEPAL is committed to "Equipping Nationals to Disciple their Whole Nation".