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Annette NOT in TolucaQ: So, do you like living in Mexico?
A: Just like anywhere, Mexico has its good points and its not so good points. We love living within two blocks of a butcher, a bakery, a tortilla store, a barber, and a small grocery store, and only 20 minutes away from mountains with great hiking. And when we have a bad day, which happens to everyone, we can look around and say, "I may be having a bad day, but I'm having it in Mexico."

State Capital Building in TolucaQ: Are you going back? If so, how much longer do you plan on being in Mexico?
A: Yes, we have return tickets to Mexico for the 26th of April. As to how much longer we will be there… we don't exactly know (Proverbs 16:9, you know.) Although we are beginning to see real progress towards reaching the goals we have set for our work in Mexico, they are long-term goals. So it's pretty sure that we will be in Mexico for at least another four years, if not more.

Q: Is the cold weather here in the US a shock to you after living in Mexico for so long?
A: Actually the day we left Mexico it was 20 degrees (yes, that's Fahrenheit) because we live at 9,000 ft, so we're actually warmer here in the US because homes have central heating.

Q: What do you miss most living in Mexico?
A: Family and friends!! I don't know what we would do without e-mail.

Q: How's your Spanish… can you speak it fluently yet?
A: Well, we're getting better :-) I know this because the first year I could barely get a sentence out in under a minute. The second year, I could speak okay but it was humbling when the person with whom I was speaking said, "Don't worry about how bad your Spanish is… I can basically understand you." By the third year, we were both getting more proficient, but it only took the average conversation partner 5 seconds to ask, " So where in the U.S. are you from?" Last year we must have gotten even better because every once in a while someone said something to the effect of, "You've got an accent, let me guess… Argentina? Spain? Peru?" So that's got to be a good sign.

Q: What is something we can pray for you?
For the team of folks we minister with - that God would mold us into a great and effective partnership. Also, that God would connect us with talented people who could help us make our youth ministry publication even better.

We've logged over 10,000 miles over the past few months in the States with our "roving annual report." We are so grateful for the wonderful way God orchestrated our time-time participating in the life of churches who support us, time catching up with family and old friends, time to make new friends, time to enjoy the Midwest and Eastern US in the spring, and time to listen to some great books on tape thanks to Cracker Barrel and the Goodson family who loaned us some John Gresham audio books.

Unfortunately, we did not have the time to see everyone we would have loved to see. Therefore the above Q's and A's were meant share with you the answers to the most frequently asked questions we heard as we traveled around.

Annette & Tim

We Asked, You Prayed, God Answered... that was quick!

(late April 2000) Above, we asked for prayer "that God would connect us with talented people who could help us make our youth ministry publication even better", and before the end of that same month it happened.

We were staying at Daryl & Cathy Healds home on Lookout Mountain and so participated in the Tuesday night 20's Bible study that they host. After speaking to the group about our work here in Mexico - specifically the Internet publication - we found out that about 6 of the 30 people at that study worked full-time in as Web programmers or designers. And many of them we itching to help us in some way with our ministry.

A week later we arrived home in Mexico to find two emails waiting for us from folks in that group; they wanted to know when they could come and visit us and our team to begin helping us. Wow! Quite proactive aren't they :-)

I just want to thank God, the people that prayed for help in this area, and the members of the Tuesday Night 20's group who are using their abilities to serve God and others (namely us.)

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