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1997: Our 1st youth ministry conference

us teaching in 1997The church was full but only 3 or 4 people actually had responsibilities with youth. The rest were members of the church ranging from small children, to grandmothers who saw that the doors of the church were open so came in. This event taught us that one of our biggest challenges in training youth workers was going to be actually finding the people who work with the youth.

2001: Most recent conference

35 people from at least 4 different states-all of whom either work with youth or are being trained to join the leadership team in the church for the youth. Many of the churches represented have had youth us speaking in 2002ministries for several years and came to the conference looking for further training, more resources and fellowship with others in youth ministry.

Several people from our first conference were on hand. They have developed a solid youth ministry, which has grown from 5 students to 40, and have created a good model for youth ministry in a small church (the church has about 100 members.) They told us that they have really enjoyed using our active bible studies, which they download from the web site and were eager for more.

What an incredible change. God’s Spirit is really doing something in the area of youth work in Latin America.

Old woman at cemetaryhabits and traditions die hard, especially in mainline denominational churches, where the structure of the "youth society" hasn’t changed since its birth over 100 years ago.

But there is a growing number of people around the continent whose passion for Christ and desire to help students grow in their relationship with him is being strengthened and refined by contact with others with the same passion who are providing encouragement, counsel, resources and training.

Annette training

We know that this movement will grow and bear good fruit only as a result of prayer. We thank you for yours and hope that you find it as exciting as we do to be part of what God is doing in the world.

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