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The following is an actual email we received from a friend and colleague:

Tim and Annette,
Are you still alive? I haven't heard from you for months. Please let me know what's going on.
......................... Your Friend, Felix

It gives you a glimpse into our lives from December to mid February. Unfortunately our lack of time and/or access to email kept us out of touch with everyone, including with you. You might not have even noticed that two months went by without letter from us in your mailbox, but we have sweated over leaving you out of the loop of our lives. Its ironic how when we most want you to know what's going on and most need your prayers to fill our sails we tend to be the most out of touch.

So very very much has happened that we couldn't begin to squeeze onto this page - Egypt, Ethiopia, the EJE youth retreat, the International Association for the Study of Youth Ministry conference, connecting St Andrew's Church in Argentina with Northland Church in Orlando. But we can't not tell you about it so we have stories and pictures available online. So when you have a few minutes, get your favorite beverage --I'd go for a cup of Earl Grey or Dr. Pepper with crushed ice depending on the weather :-) -- and click here for photos 'n notes from our travels.

We're still reeling from the overwhelming privilege that we got to experience and participate in all of these events. There really is nothing like seeing God working around you, nothing like the rush that comes from having been used in something that has the scent of eternity around it.

J u s t   t h e   F a c t s

  • 11 - cities visited during our trip (N.Y., Frankfurt, Cairo, Addis Ababa, Lalibela, Nakempte, Sharm El-Sheikh, London, Miami, Mexico City, Orlando)
  • 5 - countries visted (on 4 continents)
  • 9 - times zones crossed
  • 20,000 - approximate number of miles flown
  • 59 - hours of flight time (plus 20 hours of layover)
  • 6 - number of languages we attempted to speak during the trip
  • 11 - number of family members who went to Egypt and Ethiopia
  • 37 - bags we carried to Ethiopia (26 of which contained books)
  • 1000+ - number of books in those bags (1200 lbs of books)
  • 42 - number of nights spent away from our own bed

Glad To Be Home!

on a falukah boat on the Nile (Cairo)

Tim & Annette

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