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Our goal was 75, but God had bigger ideas.
Every year OC headquarters requires us to
turn in annual goals for the year to come.
Because we wanted to start our work here
with a strong base for further youth ministry,
we decided to do a nationwide study of the
current state of youth ministry in Mexico.
This was to include interviews with at least
75 people who are currently involved in
youth ministry in Mexico.
A few days ago, we started hearing about
national youth conferences that are going
on all over Mexico. It hit us. . . if we
could get permission to interview all the
youth workers that would be attending these
conferences with their youth groups, we'd
have hundreds of responses and new contacts
rather than just 75. So Annette and I began
trying to get in touch with the organizers of
the conferences. Not as easy as it sound! For
example, when I called the "for more information"
number that appears on the conference poster I
discovered that I'd reached the home of a man
who is at work and unavailable between the hours
of 8am and 9:30pm. To say the least, this makes
it tough to obtain "more information."  In the
end we received permission from the majority of
the conferences to interview the youth workers.
And we couldn't have done it without the help
of Cesar and Carlos Olivares, two Christian
brothers who run a opinion poll firm who greatly
helped us with the logistics and creation of
the questionnaire.
This information, together with some other
research we are doing on the current state
of youth ministry in Mexico - strengths,
weaknesses and needs - will enable us to
better know how to serve the church in
ministering to the needs of the 69% of the
population in Mexico who are youth or children.
If you think of us, please pray for this project.
It will be a foundation upon which we will build
much of our ministry in the years to come.
We donít know of anything like this that has
been done here before. And without understanding
whatís really going on, how can you know whatís
to be done or how to help? So, thanks for your
prayers. We couldnít do it without you nor would
we want to.
 Your Friends...
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