Our February '98 Newsletter
Part 1: Changes, Changes...
Part 2: Here Comes the Bride
Part 3: Mexico Team Doubles
Part 4: Home, Sweet Home
Part 5: Gaby's success story

Changes, Changes, Changes

"Everything changes, Lou Emma, the trick is to change with it."

I still remember this line from one of my favorite childhood books, "The Motoring Millers" (or maybe itís sequel "Those Miller Girls.")   The heroine, Lou Emma, was young when her mother died.  A few years later her father married Miss Kate and they had a baby.  When Lou Emma was having trouble with the changes in her family, Miss Kate gave her this advice.  Maybe because the Miller family lived in Kansas, like I did, or maybe because my own mother had just had a baby, Iíve always remembered this.  Or maybe God just knew Iíd need to remember it because Iíd have a few changes in my future. You'll find the latest changes below.

Here Comes the Bride
Remember that baby sister of mine?   Just thought that those of you who know Ruth might be interested that in May she finished college and on Oct. 18 she married Eric Antonio Linares.  Weíre delighted to have him in the family, and Daddy is delighted to be finished paying for all of his girlís weddings!


MEXICO Resident Team Doubles

You may remember that last June our team leader and his family left for their home assignment in the US. As you receive this they should be back in Mexico. We appreciate your prayers for them as they re-enter their life and work here, and for us all as we re-integrate as a team, because as Thomas Hooker said, "Change is not made without inconvenience, even from worse to better."


Home, Sweet Home

After two years of living in the homes of three different families, we are moving into our own place.  As we write weíre looking for it and plan to be in by early February.   You know all that entails:  house hunting, packing, moving, cleaning, and furniture shopping.  And remember you have an interest in this process because the guest room will be awaiting your visit.

The first time we attended the youth led Operation Timothy Bible study in summer í96 a girl began crying and eventually had to leave the room where we were meeting.  The leader had to continue the study so I followed the girl to see if I could help.  Through her tears Gaby told me about her problems, including a difficult family situation and her feelings of failure because, at 23, she hadnít finished high school.  All she lacked were four English classes, so I offered to help her prepare for her upcoming test.  In Dec. í97, after meeting to study and talk twice every week since we first met, Gaby took the exam in her final class.  We are very proud of her.  Very few people ever complete the "Open High School" program, and weíve never met anyone but Gaby who has done it without buying the answers to the tests (yes, thatís cheating.) Now she can pursue her dream to study at a US University.  We are looking forward to seeing how God directs her future and He uses her servantís heart and interest in missions.
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