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Answers to Prayer: Travel,
Find a Girl, End Corruption

"Tim, they asked me to be the representative for all of Latin America... can you believe it!"

J.C. Flores, 1/4/2000 referring to his experience at the Urbana international leaders conference that he and his fianceť, Lizzet, had just attended.

Our valued colleague JC is going to move the Ukraine for two years and get married …and IT'S YOUR FAULT. You know why if you chose to support our web team by praying for them, especially based on the specifics of JC's page on this web site (click here for that page). The two specific things he asked for were "that God would confirm my call as a missionary by guiding the leaders of my church to give me permission to go to the Ukraine for at least two years to found an evangelism training center" and "that God would guide me to the girl that He has for me to marry."

The J.C. and Lizzetleadership of his church has granted him permission and support to lead a team for two years whose plan is to aid Ukrainian churches, especially in the area of evangelism through the arts. JC left his heart in the Ukraine during two previous short-term trips, well not all of it. There was enough left for him to give to Lizzet Gonzalez, who was part of the last team to Europe from JC's home church in Mexico and who loves God, missions and the arts as much as he does. We couldn't be happier for them and when he called to tell us the double good news he asked us to thank you for your prayers.

We know that slow change and transformation is the kind of work that God does most often, but who doesn't get encouraged by experiencing a clear-cut miracle? Here's one God let us be a part of so we thought we'd pass it on so you can be reminded that with God everything is possible.

Hit & Run and Police Corruption:

Last July Liz, a girl in my (Annette's) bible study, was the victim of a hit and run car accident. Bystanders got the tag number but as Liz and her husband Lalo filed the police report they were told there was no hope of tracing the car because it was from another state. Case closed.

In October I wasLiz and her husband, Lalo out for a morning jog and, with precise timing only God could plan, I was at the right place at the right time to get the license plates of a car towing that very car. After I called with that tag number, Lalo went immediately to track down the owner but was told that the license plate was an old model and those records were now archived and only retrievable with a very large bribe, which he couldn't pay since they were already in debt because of the huge car bills. Discouraged, he began visiting body shops and amazingly found the car only a few blocks from our house. When he went to the police with this information they sent someone out to inform the shop that the car could not be moved without their approval, but here in Mexico police involvement in a situation doesn't exactly make you feel assured of a positive outcome.

I was confident that God had worked things out this far for a reason, so we prayed that God would resolve this for His glory, and show that he is more powerful than any broken and corrupt system and that he is the hope and defender of his people.

When Lalo went to check on the situation, a policeman told him that with a small "tip" (equiv. $80 US) he would work it out but by the next week nothing had been done, there wasn't even a report filed on the case. Just as Lalo was losing hope, a police chief heard overheard him talking in the office, intervened, and within a week Liz and Lalo received the full cost of their repairs in cash.

Just a reminder that your prayers make a difference!

Tim and I - a snowy Mexican day

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