Our January '98 Newsletter
Part 1:  Resolutions & Goals
Part 2:  "In the Trenches"
As '98 is upon us we probably have the same sorts of resolutions as you have: eat more healthfully, have a better prayer life, drop a note to those friends that are on our mind.  And like you, this time next year we'll probably have the same ones on our list.  Thankfully OC helps us turn our resolutions for the work we want to do for the year into measurable goals, with a timeline for accomplishing them.  So when '99 rolls around we can see actual progress.  We thought you might be interested in seeing what some of those are.  

1)  Continue learning more about the Mexican youth and church cultures through our work at San Pablo Presbyterian church here  in Toluca and through contact with other youth workers and organizations

2)  Assist churches in developing youth ministry that is strategic and essential. Then help them better accomplish this ministry by compiling materials that will be of help to both youth and those who work with them.  We are working on a project that is to be published both on paper and on the Internet - "MEXICAN YOUTH AT THE END OF THE 20TH CENTURY."  It will include:  
  • Survey of Mexican youth workers
  • Database of Youth and  Family ministry-oriented resources available in Spanish
  • Contemporary models of  Mexican Youth Ministry
  • The findings of a national, scientific opinion poll of Mexican youth regarding their values, beliefs  and practices
  • A "Fundamentals of Youth Ministry" in Spanish.
3) Continue developing Y.M. materials/resources as we put the lessons and studies we develop in our church work into a useable form for possible dissemination. 
* * * * *

Recently a friend I very much respect commented to the effect that Tim and I are "in the trenches" of God's work in the world, insinuating that because she live in her hometown she isn't.  The following should blow that misconception right out of the water.

My sister and brother-in-law recently had the privilege of being used by God in the conversion of a fellow student from China, Saun Pong.  Saun recently wrote them,  

"Sometimes during the night or when I was studying, I can't stop my tears, the Holy Spirit is crying in my heart, crying for China.  Darkness dwell there, 1 billion Chinese are all slaves of a devil spirit."

At a high school reunion our friends, Chris and Susan, helped an old classmate, a Nicaraguan living in Costa Rica, see how much he needed a personal relationship with God through Jesus.
Our friend Susan Rogers volunteers with International Christian Fellowship and recently had the privilege of answering the following question posed by a Thai student who has received love, rides, furniture, and friendship from Christians,  
"Why are Christians so devoted to God?"
Can you think of anything more exciting and satisfying than being a "fox-hole Christian" right where God has you?  If you are working to see God's kingdom grow in your life, in your family, and in the lives of those God puts around you, then we're in those trenches together! 
Your Friends in Mexico,

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