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Overwhelming Response

Congratulations! I had no idea that this type of youth ministry help existed on the Internet. The games and activities pages have been a real help to me. Thanks.

Sandi Orbea - Quito, Ecuador
I am so glad to have found your (youth ministry) web site; it's been a real blessing. Honestly, I want to congratulate you because this web site have been a big help for those of us who work with youth. I can sum up in three word what you site has provided for us: COURAGE, TRAINING, and ASSISTANCE
Francisco Lopez Barrientos - Mexico
Besides all the other resources you provide, it would be great to have a section for all those youth groups that do drama, mime or other artistic activities. Or at least some guidance for those who want to learn about this. God bless you and thanks for doing this ministry for our youth.
Adrian Chavarrķa - San Jose, Costa Rica

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What you just read (all translated) is feedback we've received about our youth leaders web site. And these are only 3 of 25 letters we got in the last 10 days. I can't tell you how encouraging it's been to hear positive feedback from all over Latin America (even one from Sweden and Korea... in Spanish!). And that last note - requesting resources on how to use the arts in youth ministry - was like a gift from God because 3 days before we'd just added a "Arts & Worship" column to our site.

I'm finally getting some sleep at night because we now have someone to help out on the design and administration of the web site. His name is Daniel Medina and he contacted us after seeing our "help wanted" poster at his church. He's a great kid who has won national computer competitions and whose father just lost his leg (so they can use some extra income.) When I called his youth director - a friend or mine - to get the lowdown on Daniel, I was told that he loves God and is the greatest. Not a bad reference.

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Latest Conferences

Our latest 2 conferences went well. At a Covenant Church congress we had 85 people from Mexico and other Latin American countries who chose our workshop entitled "Youth Ministry: the key to reaching your country". The second one was a 3 day deal in a city desert city called San Luis Potosi. The feedback we got was good, but apparently the organizers didn't believe in breaks and after 40 hours of non-air conditioned conference, I had sweated through all my shirts and my suit coat actually had salt deposits forming in a circle around my underarm.

Ocana Family Update

Remember how I told you that after our friend Mr. Ocana died, we didn't know if his son, Moises, would be able to continue to go to school because of lack of finances? Well, in another show of God's ability to do much more than we even expect, some Christian friends who own a polling firm agreed to hire Moises. And not only is he able to earn some money to support his family which really boosts his sense of self worth, but our friends are training him how to use the computer... the very thing he has always wanted to study! It's really obvious that God is working in the life of this family. If you think of it please pray them and for our relationship with them.

Thanks again for your prayers and support....

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