A Legal Alien's Perspective
"The Interview"
Tim:  Mom, would you please explain why you came to visit us?
Joy:  Well, I didnít come as your basic tourist/visitor.  I came for two
weeks to help Tim and Annette get ready to move to their
new home.
  Annette:  And after living with a Mexican family for six months and house-sitting
for a year and half, finding and fixing up a rental house has
really been an adventure.
Joy:  Yeah. (Laughs)   After two days I remember thinking that now I can
relate to how people can have culture shock in a new country.
Annette:  Can you think of something specific that made you feel that way?
Joy:  Two phrases come to mind: "Donít count on it" and "I donít think so."
One day we went to a metal shop to have some chairs made.  Jesús
the metalworker said,  "Iíll call you with the price this afternoon."
Two days later he still hadnít called.  So Tim called, only to hear,
"No, Jesus isnít here.  He...hasnít come in yet...just stepped out...is
at lunch...."  After 6 calls and three visits the secretary finally said,
 "If you really want this work done maybe you should go somewhere
else."   That wasted three days of progress on the chairs. Then there
was the plumber/electrician who would come very late or wouldnít
come at all after we sat around waiting for him. Or the stores that,
  after we had crossed town through crazy traffic to pick up paint or
 something, were randomly closed at 11 AM. There were just so
many frustrating or wasted hours!
Tim:  OK, mom, so there definitely is a higher level of frustration
here, but Iíve heard you mention things that really get
you excited about what youíve seen here.
Joy:  Oh, absolutely!  The joy for me was seeing you with the youth and
watching how well they accepted you, which opens doors for
important spiritual steps.One day we were working on the new
home when one of their friends fromthe youth group came over and
broke down crying.  Annette responded with spiritual and practical
encouragement.  Now that is part of what this call is all about.
Annette:  So how would you sum up your time here?
Joy:  Iíve seen that your life here in Mexico brings not only frustrations
and houses with no heat :^),  but warm and caring people,
beautiful scenery, and a challenge big enough for a lifetime!
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