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In the News:
As we write this we're still preparing for our Feb. conferenceAnnette's seminar in Pachuca with youth leaders in the city of Pachuca. But when you get this we will be just about to participate in a conference with youth and Christian education representatives of the Covenant church at their bi-monthly regional planning meeting. The friend who invited us says that he really wants them to catch the vision for the importance of working with youth. We're excited because that is exactly what our first conference session is all about.
(If you want a refresher on what our conferences cover, check out our August '98 letter at: http://www.sepal.nu/gulick/August98 )

Presenting Adam and Eve:
Everyone who has used or read our new "active learning" lessons on Adam and Eve have given them rave reviews.One of the kids in our youth group drew this illustration After writing them together, we then test them out in our "youth church" and then pass them out to friends for further editing and comments before printing them and passing them out at conferences and posting them on the Internet. For six weeks students study foundational biblical truths, like being made in the image of God, learning discernment, and the effects of the Fall, in an environment so interactive that students have to get involved. We're confident that these lessons meet a great need: youth leaders have told us that what they most lack is dynamic resources; youth say that what they most want to learn about in church is doctrine.(We never would have guessed it, but our research project revealed this.)
If you or anyone you know is interested in these lessons in Spanish (and soon in English) they're available online at www.sepal.nu/jovenes

W O W !
We continue to be overwhelmed by your incredible outpouring of love, prayer and financial support for our ministry. Because of you we feel that we're not here on our own. Because of you we can travel around the country and provide training.

Because of you we can base our training in solid, scientifically gathered information about Mexican youth. And because of you we can supplement our training with resources that are eagerly received. We may not thank you daily, but we sure appreciate you daily!

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