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R o b b e d   i n   t h e   S u b w a y

scary theft material

 We were crammed into the subway like socks in my sock drawer when Bethel Ann felt someone pulling at her fanny pack.  She couldn’t move because there was no room. She heard someone behind her say in Spanish, "use your knife, cut it," she didn’t panic. The compartment with valuables was had a lock on it, but with a knife….  We quickly scrambled off the subway at the next stop and immediately checked her pack..  Sure enough they had gotten into the unlocked side pocket and cleaned it out. It was empty.  Bethel Ann laughed and we asked, "what was in there… what did they get."  She replied, "Six Pepto-Bismol tablets."   

so what are we doing? 

Remember the big project we’re working on -- the research on youth and youth ministry in Mexico?  Well, we’re still plugging away but it doesn’t make for very interesting newsletter reading so instead we thought we’d share true and rather humorous story above. 
Besides the big project we’re also involved in some other ministries. Annette started a discipleship group for young single women, which she had felt God calling her to start for some months. She’s in the other room right now working on the curriculum. She loves it and so do the girls. 
We’d never done marriage counseling before, but when two kids in our youth group who’d just got engaged asked us to meet with them, we said, "yes." It’s really been fun for all of us.  Even though I was only in grade school, I guess the stuff I heard at 10 years old when I secretly listened in on those marriage counseling tapes that my parents were studying has stuck with me.

News From Home
3 sisters: Bethel Ann, Ruth and Annette

Annette’s younger sister, Ruth, and her husband had a baby girl - Annabella - in March. 
 Click here to see and hear little Annabella

Bethel Ann, Annette’s big sister from the above story, has moved with her husband to China where he is working for Lucent technologies. 

soon to be married: Kathleen Gulick & Dan Haase
This June my little sister, Kathleen, will be marrying Dan Haase. That means we’ll be in the U.S. for her wedding.  I can't wait... all the Dr Pepper I can drink (we can't get Dr Pepper in Mexico.) 


Thanks for caring… and even more for your prayers!
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