by Roger Gulick

It is tough to not see your son and daughter-in-law for well over a year. But we are here now in their tiny home in Toluca. It has been a great first 24 hours. One of the best things has been seeing what goes on in their 10' x 8' office with four to five team members coming and going and working on three computers, I have a clearer picture than ever before of the incredible almost-worldwide ministry they have.

I know…you think I am just a proud father bragging on my children. That's not it. Really!

Dad as he wrote this letter
Dad at our computer as
he wrote this letter

Joy and I worked with youth for over 15 years and would have given our firstborn to have had the *resources that Tim and Annette and their team provide for youth workers throughout the Spanish speaking world. Actually we wouldn't have given our first born, because that would have messed everything up, Tim being our firstborn.
-------------------{*over 3300 pages, with many added every week}

Picture yourself as a volunteer youth leader working in your church (in Latin America 97% are unpaid):

  • You need ideas for the youth group meetings
  • for Bible studies that speak to where they are
  • for games to bring them together
  • for a retreat on dating or how to study the Bible or leading your friends to Christ

You are twenty-six and don't remember what it was like to be a 13 year old but you know the world has changed. What do you do?

You go to and have at your fingertips resources for all that and much, much more.

a portrait of Dad
Tim's father - Dr. Roger Gulick
portrait by Tim's uncle, Paul Keating

Actually, our church right now is without a youth director and volunteers are running the program. If Tim and Annette's materials were in English, our people would have outstanding resources they could quickly use to put together a wonderful, biblical, relevant and thorough youth ministry. It would be as good or better that anything they could buy in a Christian bookstore and would be much more useable and flexible.

Roger and Joy, Tim and Annette Gulick

I know… you're taking what I'm saying with a grain of salt because I'm Tim's dad. Let me give you someone else's opinion.

Tim and Annette just got back from a conference and strategy meetings in Argentina, when people at the youth leader training conference found out that they ran the web site they couldn't say enough good things about it. For example, a girl from Ecuador came up to Annette said enthusiastically, "You all do the ParaLideres web site?! I use it all the time… it's a great site for those of us who work with youth." The director of the Argentine youth ministry, LaGRAM, that put on the conference said to Tim, "We dream of having a site like yours."

See….it's not just because I'm a proud papa!

Joy and Roger Gulick in Mexico '02
Roger Gulick
:: Tim's father ::

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