1. We are leaving OC.” – FALSE.
      We continue to be OC missionaries. We are just on furlough for a year.

  2. We are finished training youth workers in Latin America.FALSE.
    We continue running the web site for leaders, ParaLideres.org; we continue being involved in online and extension training using our animated classes and Youth Ministry textbook; we will be teaching at several youth ministry conferences in Latin America during ’06.

  3. We don’t need your prayers or financial support any more.FALSE.
    In fact, we’d love it if you would pray for God to show us in what direction that we should continue our ministry and for our ongoing ministry projects and relationships.
What We Will Miss about Mexico
  • Central Mexican food like Pozole, Fried “Drowned” Tacos and Tinga
  • Fresh, hot, handmade corn tortillas
  • Our garden which blooms year round with camellias, hibiscus, bougainvillea, geraniums, calla lilies, day lilies, iris, azaleas, white fuchsia, a cactus garden, a hot pepper bush and peach and black walnut trees.
  • The 15 foot commute from the bedroom to our home office
  • A $3 haircut at the barbers (6 houses away)
  • We can go days without using the car
  • All our Mexican friends and almost everything we need is within walking distance
  • The corner store at the end of our street that carries everything from Ajax to zucchini…and will get anything we request within a few days
  • The smell of coffee and chocolate from the nearby Nestle factory
  • $5 dollar 5-star movie theaters
  • Perfect running weather 360 days of the year
  • Mexican driving (the excitement and freedom of driving where there are fundamentally no rules...like being able to turn left from the right lane of a 6 lane road if you decide that's where you need to go)
  • Hiking in the mountains all around our city

  • Capulin* season and hiking up onto the wildflower covered fields on the side of the volcano to pick them (*capulines are a variety of wild cherry - click here for photo)
  • The following fruits in season: granada china (sweet passion fruit), mangos a-go-go, tunas (prickly pears).
  • The variety of our state (Estado de Mexico) which offers tropical, desert, alpine and big city all within an hour of our house
  • Mexican pueblos where time seems to have stopped; men still ride horses and women do wash at the local water hole
  • Bazaar Sabado; a wonderful art festival every single saturday
  • Being able to walk out our front door and be in Mexico

  • The amazing beauty, variety, history and cultural depth of Mexico
  • Being excused for nearly any mistake simply because we’re foreigners
  • Our Mexican friends, coworkers and teammates

What We Will Not Miss about Mexico

  • Intestinal parasites and amoebas
  • Not being able to eat lettuce and other leafy vegetables unless we hand wash each 'n every leaf and then let it soak in anti-bacterial solution (the same with fresh strawberries)
  • Having our electricity go out on a semi-regular basis, invariably right as we’re trying to finish something urgent on the computer
  • Pollution and smog...lot's of smog

  • The average temperature in our bedroom being 60 degrees (no heat in houses)
  • Loud music and fireworks all night, especially on the day of the Virgin of Guadalupe and Day of the Dead
  • The five month dry season where everything is brown and dusty and the five month rainy season where our shoes grow mold
  • Having to pay for parking…everywhere
  • Being taught old wives tales as fact
  • Traffic lanes so narrow that our side-view mirrors get hit
  • Inadequate, irrelevant and unhelpful signage on roads and buildings (the road to Toluca is labeled “Shortcut to Morelia”)
  • Mexican driving (everyone else being able to drive the speed and way they like)

  • Wanton felling of trees along the streets
  • Streets being closed because someone has set up a tent in the middle of it for a party
  • Streets with no lane lines painted on them
  • Speedbumps (even on interstates) and potholes everywhere
  • The random missing manhole cover (surprise! your axel is broken)
  • Expensive toll roads (and when we say expensive we’re talking $8 for a 12 mile drive)
  • Trash men who expect us to lift our garbage up into the truck and then give them a tip
  • Sewage flowing down the street when the sewers overflow during the rainy season (sometimes it actually shoots up out of the holes in the manhole covers and looks like a fountain)
  • Getting stuck in traffic behind a diesel belching bus that stops every 50 ft. to pick someone up or let them off
  • No Dr. Pepper, Wendy’s, or thick steaks
  • Being looked at funny because we’re foreigners
  • Our friends having to make international travel plans to have coffee with us
How did I get this tan?
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