Day 2 ~ Montserrat Monastery ~ Catalonia, Spain

the Montserrat monastery nestled in little niche near the top of the mountain (68,289 bytes) it was about a 25 minute hike from the monastery (background) to this overlook (38,953 bytes) a view of the monastery from the top of the mountain(this photo is a scan of a postcard) (89,863 bytes) looking out our bedroom window in the monstery at 7 a.m. just as the sun was rising (60,762 bytes) the building in the foreground is a $150/night hotel, we had the privelege of staying in the monastery's guest rooms for $28/night including 3 wonderful meals (75,160 bytes)
Felix Ortiz is standing in the room where we enjoyed afternoon coffee (note 15th century Flemish tapestry) (66,545 bytes) the monastery has timers on their lights to conserve electricity. this made for quite a few surprised when all of the sudden you found yourself in the dark in a kind of spooky place (Annette in background) (42,141 bytes)

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some of the comittee members walking to our meeting room (58,362 bytes) the dining room where we ate all of our meals (usually there were just a few of us, but for a few days the monastery had a school group visiting) (59,733 bytes)
nearly every meal included 2 courses and was accompanied by water, wine and oranges for dessert (60,677 bytes) everyone helped clean up after meals (including, Salvador, our host monk) (49,628 bytes) waiting for one of our many meetings to begin (44,371 bytes) Jorge Zuņiga (Costa Rica) and Felix Ortiz (Spain) on a snack break (62,683 bytes)

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