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The Multiplication Level

\ ___________attend___________/
\ _____-_-____-|-_____-______/
\ _____--grow - be fed--____/
\ _______----|--________/
\ _--grow - feed self-_-/
\ _____---|-______/
\ _--develop-__/
\ ___-|____/

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The multiply level is where the smart investors invest!   It's also where we try to focus our ministry.

In one of our seminars, we tell the youth leaders that there are five "levels" of commitment into which their kids can be categorized:

  • attend ::: these kids are willing to be attend - be physically present - at a youth event.
  • grow - be fed ::: a person in this level has a desire to grow in his/her spiritual life but is dependent on others to nourish them
  • grow - feed self ::: maturing in his relationship with God, this person has the motivation and basic knowledge necessary to feed himself spiritually
  • develop ::: At this level a person is willing to help disciple others. She not only takes the initiative for her own spiritual growth, but for the spiritual growth of others as well
  • multiply ::: Here is the point at which kids catch a vision for returning to their own schools - or realms of influence - and starting the process over, reproducing what you've modelled in the lives of their friends. When you nudge kids into this level of commitment, you multiply your efforts in much the same way that Paul multiplied his by pouring himself into Timothy.

The kids in the photo above with Annette are at that multiply level. They are a part of a discipleship group we've been leading for a a couple of years and they are committed to impacting their world - school, friends and family - with the love and truth that God has shown them. All university students, each one is also a youth leader in his or her church.

They are where we choose to "invest"   :-)