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We are excited about our new youth ministry web site - (translation =   Below you will find the guiding principles behind this online ministry.

MISSION Statement:
To provide free quality, biblically sound
++resources, training, and guidance for **Christian youth leaders (other ministry categories may be added later).

VISION Statement:
Create an online service where
**Christian leaders can receive and share ministry resources and training materials with the freedom to use, adapt and distribute those ++resources in a non-for-profit way as needed in their service to Christ, His Kingdom and His Church.

VALUES Statement:
Thanks to people who give freely of their God-given resources, this service is provided at no cost to the user, believing that as Christians:

  • Our treasures are stored in Heaven, and it is there that we will have the joy of knowing those whom our resources helped

  • We are members of one body - known as the church universal - and as such are called to build up that whole as a priority over individual profit or recognition.

Members Agreement:
Individuals, churches, organizations and businesses that choose to provide
++resources on this site/service:

  1. Acknowledge that this resource is my/our original work (or credited modified work)

  2. Give permission to to post it for download

  3. Freely share this resource understanding that it may be used, adapted, reprinted, translated and distributed

  4. May provide this, their resource, on other sites (for free or for profit)

** Christian Leader: those who take on the responsibility of leading or discipling others in their relational journey with the Triune God of the Bible.

++ Resource(s): refers to any materials (text, graphic, sound, animation or other document) placed on the this site/service