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{{ she's one of our stars - story below }}

Veronica (everyone calls her, Vero) is one of our *stars*... she is a seminary trained part-time youth leader who, besides being intelligent and dedicated, also has a great sense of humor - as you can see above :-)

Vero works with us about 10 hours per week as our web site's co-editor. She also writes a monthly "dear abbey" type column answering common questions that Latin American leaders ask us about youth and youth ministry.

Besides all this, she develops 1 to 2 Bible studies per week... and these aren't just basic little studies, they include games and activities that help the students understand and apply the Bible to their daily lives. Her end product is really more like an entire youth meeting with a Bible study core.

Vero makes us proud of the time and energy that we've invested in her; if she were a stock, we'd be rich :-)