Cameron is spearheading a training institute for youth leaders in Ecuador that kicks off this spring, Jorge is planning a week long retreat in Costa Rica next January to mentor key youth leaders from around Latin America, Aaron founded the network for youth leaders in Chile, and Jacob runs a center in India that trains trainers of youth leaders. They’re exactly the people we want to be in touch with. And we’ve been able to see all of them right here in Orlando in the last ten days.

As I write this we still don’t know how much longer we’ll be here (we’re in the process of defining our next team assignment with OC leadership) but we continue to be amazed at how strategically located we are for now.

So far over 40 people have stayed with us – most of them ministry partners. Very few of them came to Florida specifically to see us, but since they were coming to be here, we’ve made time to see each other and it’s been worthwhile, not to mention, fun.

P r a y e r

We are in the middle of making some significant decisions right now - specifically regarding how, where and with whom we will be doing youth leader training. Please pray we would follow God as he walks us through the maze of decisions about our future.

Dailies of our life

During 2007 we’re going to attempt to keep a weekly record of our life in photos. So if you’re interested in seeing both the sublime and the ridiculous of our lives, click 2007 – A Year in the Making and enjoy the show.

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