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Taco Tico

We've been invited to participate in two youth ministry training events, one in Guatemala and one in Ecuador.

Please pray that:
1- our involvement would be of real help to the youth leaders who attend
2- God would protect us as we travel

Growing up in Wichita, KS I thought I liked Mexican food... I thought this because I loved Taco Tico, especially the cheese smothered Sanchos. As I've traveled over the years I learned that Ticos are Costa Ricans, Mexican tacos are really tortillas filled anything but ground beef, and sanchos can't be found on the menu of any restaurant I've ever been to in Mexico. But now I'm coming full circle back to my first Mexican experience because we're adding a Tico to our tacos here in Mexico.

Our new and improved team: the Griswell's on the left, the
Chaveses on the right and tim & I top middle

After 5 years of the OC Mexico team consisting of two families, this spring we began a new era as a three family team with the arrival of Rolando (the Tico) and Beverly Chaves and their three children. The Chaves' focus will be training churches in the area of Biblical counseling. We appreciate your prayers for us all as we move into this new stage and especially for the Chaves as they make the adjustment to their new life.

Speaking of teams…

We now have 10 high school or college students, one couple, one youth leader, and two missionaries (yours truly) committed to helping with the youth ministries at our church. We are thrilled to see how God has been raising up people with a desire to use their gifts and energies to serve the youth. But we are constantly challenged to know how to best support them.

>>>>> The latest training meeting with our local youth leaders

We need wisdom to give encouragement and guidance without undermining the authority of the leader, our close friend and the web site's editor, Veronica. And we are longing for the day when the students will take the initiative during the week to reach out to other youth group kids and develop the kind of relationships where they can help each other grow.

Thank you for your prayer that has brought us this far. We continue to need it to keep us going in the future.

Appreciating you!..........................

.....Annette & Tim

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