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One of our goals with these monthly letters is to help you feel a part of our life. And since an important part of our life here is the relationships we've developed, we have occasionally told you about our friends and co-workers. My desire is that this letter will take you one step closer to them.

When you pray for and give to us and our ministry, you do the same for our coworkers because our lives and work are so intertwined. a few of our "team"BUT... unlike them, we experience the encouragement and joy of having you behind us, we know you and feel that you are a part of what we do here. We know that our little web team needs the same encouragement and prayers as we do and we desire that for them.

We're not talking about money -- God's generosity to us through His people -- provides the material resources our little team needs for their work and ministry. When you give to us that covers their salaries too. Rather we hope that if any of these people's lives or work is of particular interest to you that you would adopt them. By that I mean, pray specifically for them and their personal needs and thank God with them when things go well.

To facilitate this you can check out their individual web pages below, which we will be updating periodically with prayer requests, photos and other notes. You can also write them in care of us (see our mailing address below) or email them directly from their individual web sites which you will find links to below.

(note: most have had exposure to English, at least in school, and we can fill in the gaps they might not understand. Or you can practice your Spanish.)

*Click on Dora's photo to go to her page

Dora and AnnetteDora - She grew up in Tepito, known to all as the grittiest neighborhood in Mexico City, yet she was one of the first females ever to receive an engineering degree from the 500,000 student national university. When her two boys were in elementary school her husband left her for another woman, yet this courageous single mom has consistently carried out responsibilities in the church and with our OC team, including being our language and cultural tutor for a year, and most recently our team administrative assistant. We respect her servant's heart, admire her personal integrity and strength, and depend on her hard work and support. She is an editor for content and grammar for the web site, as well as doing most of the translation of our youth ministry materials.
email: dora@sepal.org

*click on Daniel's photo to go to his page

Daniel in red on the rightDaniel (on right)- A web programmer from the projects. He's a motivated, go-getter who can teach himself just about any computer program or programming language. Besides winning a full scholarship to the best private high school in the city, Daniel leads a small group bible study in his home and is a leader in his church youth group. His father lost both legs to diabetes and when Daniel isn't programming for us, he's transporting his father to and from work and other appointments as well as driving the family taxi during the night shift. Daniel was the first to work with us on the web site and his role will be changing significantly (into what we're not quite sure) as the site becomes "data base driven" instead of him having to create each page individually.
email: danielmc7@hotmail.com

*click on Benjamin's photo to go to his page

Benjamin Leon CasasolaBenjamin - When we were looking for someone to do some illustrations for the web page we solicited samples from several artists. Far and away the best was a 16-year-old student in our youth group. Over the past two years we have learned more about the artistic temperament than we ever dreamed of, and we've seen "Benja" grow in his understanding of the Gospel and in his technical abilities as illustrator and animator for the web site. We not only depend on his drawing to make the site look good, but his animated comic strips are becoming one of our most important teaching tools.
email: benjamin@sepal.org

*click on Veronica's photo to go to her page

Veronica DominguezVeronica - Veronica is one in a million: a seminary graduate with a shepherd's heart; an experienced youth pastor with previous experience in editing and publishing. She is the assistant editor of the web site, writes a monthly column giving practical and biblical ideas for youth workers and personally responds to all our web site email (about 80 letters a month.) She also works with Annette in curriculum development and has published two series of active youth group Bible studies on the web site.
email: vdominguez@sepal.org

*click on J.C.'s photo to go to his page

J.C. and meJuan Carlos (J.C.) - He was the second youngest out of 10,000 invited by the Billy Graham Association to participate in this summer's Evangelism Conference in Amsterdam. The youth group he has lead full time for the last 7 years has more than 300 youth involved in almost 30 small group Bible studies (for a salary of only $220 per month) and his heart's desire is to be a missionary to the Ukraine where he has lead two short term trips. He write a monthly column on the web site helping youth leaders know how to use drama and the arts in their ministry. This column has generated the most interest and response of any single item on the web site.
email: jcmarker@yupimail.com

*click on Jorge's photo to go to his page

Jorge BernaldezJorge - At 17 he left his home and city to be a missionary. His life has been threatened by machete wielding men for bringing the gospel to their village; his clothes have been covered with the blood of a man dying from a gunshot wound as he cradled the man's head in his lap witnessing to him all the way to the hospital, and besides his courage and dedication, he's a gifted communicator and evangelist who speaks to an average of 17,000 students, teachers and parents per month about how to put biblical values into practice in their lives. Oh, and he's only 24 years old. Jorge writes a monthly column in his exhortational style and is a wonderful ministry partner, whether it is working together at conferences or sending him to fill some of the many requests we receive to speak to youth.
email: jbernaldez@sepal.org

*click on Nahum.'s photo to go to his page

Nahum - If you recognize his name it's because we've written about him before. He's the one who tumbled 150 feet headlong down the inside face of an extinct volcano and turned to Christ because of surviving it. He's a natural leader and uses that gift well in the youth group of our local church. An Industrial design student in the local university and the newest addition to our web team, Nahum is the technical illustrator and animator for our latest venture, online youth ministry courses. He is developing scores of drawings and animations to reinforce the learning objectives.
email: humi@starmedia.com

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