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Vicente came to us completely undone. He was looking for help... he was looking for forgiveness... he was looking for hope in what looked like a hopeless situation. His girlfriend, also a youth leader in Bolivia, is pregnant. Angelica, a youth leader from L.A., broke her silence telling us about being sexually abused at age 10 and about theits painful and continuing repercussions in her life until this day.

mexican youth discussing problems

David came to us looking for help because one of the teenager's in his youth group in Chile is struggling with homosexuality and David didn't know how to help him.

Why are these youth leaders from so many different countries coming to us for help? It is because we have a forum at our web site for concerns just like these. Since January, youth leaders have written over 1000 messages, most of them questions relating to their ministry or personal life.

youth leaders conference - Argentina

Although we have not met most of these people in person, it’s been wonderful to see how our web team has been able to help. For example, Vicente, wrote us back saying that he took our advice: confesseding his failure to trusted friends and church leadership, steppeding down - at least temporarily - from his ministry position, and together with his girlfriend is making some tough decisions. He also wrote us that he feels much better now, knowing that he’s doing the "right thing".

Mexican kids on a date
He's feeling much better, having
chosen to do the right thing

Angelica said annette with girlsthat she decided to open her “Pandora's box” of problems after noting that in our forum there were Christians who helped youth leaders in tough situations instead of only condemning them.Her comment choked us up because we so want that type of grace to characterize our lives and ministry.

We know that our responses to many of these situations are inadequate, but we find hope in the knowledge that God is more than adequate and that He can meet their needs through his Spirit and his Word. And we are honored to be part of that process

annette 'n tim - 2002
Thanks for Caring.... annette & tim

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