Something interesting happened today. I just got off the phone with Daniel Valencia, a guy who's been a moving force in youth work in Mexico City. He own the rights to series of books about "Mentoring" multitasking with Nahumthat are out of print and we were hoping to convince him to allow us to share those resources via our web site like other authors have done with their no-longer-distributed materials. During our phone conversation I mentioned that Annette and a team of colleagues have been working for the last 1½ years on a foundational youth ministry curriculum which includes a 450 page text book plus 20 interactive, animated classes. That information got him very excited - I think I heard a muffled "ayayay". He told me that he was spearheading a youth workers track at a leadership school in the city and asked, "Is there any chance we could meet tomorrow?" I jumped at the chance, "Yes!"

Ten minutes later, I chatted online with a Bolivian leader, River Claure, who asked me about the curriculum Annette is developing. He's teaching youth ministry at a Bolivian college using, in part, the textbook Annette is working on. He was asking when the animated, interactive classes -- which are based on that book -- would be done.

These conversations plus 2 others with seminary professors over the last few weeks lead us to think something good is happening in youth ministry in Latin America. And the fun thing is… we get to be a part of it!

J u s t   t h e   F a c t s

13 of 20 - # of interactive classes we've developed for the youth work course

79,236 - youth leaders who used our web site this month (

15 - # of kids from our local church who are going to Argentina for training

15 - days Annette and I were sick with some nasty cold/flu thing last month

5 - average # of pots of tea we drank each day during the sickness

7 - # of times we unsuccessfully attempted backing up a VERY steep, narrow street which we accidentally went down (it dead ended)

If you'd like to read more about the steep street we got stuck on, the one apparently made only for donkeys and dogs, click here to read the story with photos.
On another note, I included the cost of a nice restaurant as well as the auto repair to give you an idea of the sometimes incongruous prices in Mexico.

25 - # of minutes before we got back up the steep street (we finally had to wake some guy up, ask him if we could use his dirt driveway to turn around, move his jeep, do a 33-point turn and drive forward, wheels smoking, up the cement "street".)

85 - dollars it cost us when we let our friends choose the restaurant 2 weeks ago

3 - # of hours we spent at the restaurant eating

45 - dollars it cost to repair a broken leaf spring on our truck [including labor]

1.5 - hours it took a mechanic to repair it [he made a replacement spring from scratch]

Glad Not To Be In This Alone!

Have a GREAT summer!
Tim & Annette

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