Life & Ministry

..::: basically they're the same :::..

*annette & vero*

*web ministry*

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larger version

*asterix indicates
accompanying story


* fishing for what?*


*discipleship group*

annette teaching

*benjamin - artíst*

an outing


benjamin at work


local youth group

conference fun

youth week

christmas piņata

our youth group

youth awards

*vero, our editor*

dora, our assistant

tim with our animator

christmas party

tim and the piņata

tim and piņata

annette & christmas

birthday party

jovenes circulo

juanita moises

lynette & zaida

youth group kids

camp kids

vero working

youth leaders

youth specialists

annette at work

annette and kids

tim and daniel

leaders meeting

local youth leaders

our team

Benja computer back

terrific workers

tim and juan carlos

tim, jorge & zury

our local leaders

doing the editor thing


our web team

working on a project

annette up front

us at a seminar

annette & friends

one of our seminars

tim & pastor ramirez

tim the geek

another conference

enjoying friends

welcome home party

annette and gaby

nahum teaching

nahum, danny training

new year's camp

youth event

bibles for visitors

tim, leading singing?

morning devotions

party games
vero, annette seminar

tim, pastor and leaders